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Bellezza accessories are mostly handmade. There is only one for each design unless otherwise stated in the description. So....very exclusive. I will be CONSTANTLY UPDATING THIS BLOG WITH NEW ACCESSORIES. DO CHECK IN TO MY BLOG OFTEN. You may find something that you like!!! By the way, PRICES shown are NOT INCLUSIVE OF DELIVERY CHARGES. Please refer to "Payment and Delivery" and "Free Delivery" sections for further details. Anyway, feel free to email me if you have any further inquiries. I ALSO OFFER MAKEUP AND HAIRDO SERVICES. Check out my website at http://www.soon-makeup.com Just click at the link below. Thanks!!

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Necklace (Part 18)

Price ~ RM23.00 / Size (unclasp measuring from end to end) ~ length is 37.5cm [14.8 inches] (Code: N_29R)......necklace has an adjustable chain of 4cm [1.6 inches]. (SOLD)

Monday, 25 June 2012

Bracelets (Part 31)

Price ~ RM20.00 / Size ~ length is 18.1cm [7.1 inches] (Code: B_62Br)....bracelet is made of glass crystals, wooden beads and copper chain and it comes with a 2.2cm [0.9 inch] of extension chain (SOLD)
Price ~ RM35.00 / Size ~ circumference at rest is approx. 17cm [6.7 inches]  ; it can be stretched to a maximum of 18.5cm [7.3 inches] (Code: B_66RBk)..............this bracelet is a stretchable bracelet and consists of lampwork glassbeads, acrylic round beads, silver plated spacer and acrylic rhinestones spacers (SOLD)

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Bracelet (Part 30)

The following stretchable bracelet is from UK and the picture below shows the bracelet from different angles.

Price ~ RM40.00 / Size ~ circumference at rest is 16cm [6.3 inches]; can be stretched to a maximum circumference of 19cm [7.5 inches] for perfect look...meaning, the multiple elastic thread won't be visible (Code: B(L)_56Mt) (SOLD)

Monday, 18 June 2012

Hair Clips (Part 14)

As can be seen in the pictures below, this hair accessory is suitable for bridal and normal use....the accessory is made from faux pearls and dyed ostrich feathers
Price ~ RM23.00
Size ~ diameter is approx. 6cm [2.4 inches]; measurement exclude the feathers around the beaded flowers
Code: HA_67Y (SOLD)

Friday, 15 June 2012

Handmade Earring (Part 6)

Using gemstones, which I got from UK, in the shape of hearts & some stainless steel chain, I came up with this simple earring design.....hope you all like it :))
Price ~ RM23.00
Size ~ length is 5.5cm [2.2 inches]
Code: E_10WP (SOLD)

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Bracelets (Part 29)

First and foremost, the following two stretchable bracelets are handmade but.....just not by me :))
Price ~ 8.00 / Size ~ circumference at rest is approx. 16cm [6.3 inches]; can be stretched to a maximum of 17.5cm [6.9 inches] for a perfect look (Code: B_57Gy) (SOLD)
Price ~ RM8.00 / Size ~ circumference at rest is approx. 17cm [6.7 inches]; can be stretched to a maximum of 18.5cm [7.3 inches] for a perfect look (Code: B_58Br) (SOLD)

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Necklace (Part 17)

I made the accessory below using black agate, crystals, acrylic rhinestones spacers and a flat silver necklace.
Price ~ RM38.00
Size (unclasp measuring from end to end) ~ length is 42.5cm [16.7 inches]. 
Necklace comes with a 3.5cm [1.4 inches] of adjustable chain
Code: N_26SBk (SOLD)

The necklace below is made up of copper chain with a mixture of faux pearl from Korea, metal beads 
with carving, crystals and some acrylic beads.
Price ~ RM29.90
Size (unclasp measuring from end to end) ~ length is 81.5cm [32.1 inches]
Code: N_27Br (SOLD)

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Bracelet (Part 28)

Following bracelet is made up of black cords and stainless steel chain with a few charms here and there.
Price ~ RM22.00
Size ~ length is 17.5cm [6.9 inches]
Code: B_61BS (SOLD)

Friday, 1 June 2012

Hair Clips (Part 13)

Price ~ as indicated in the picture below
Size ~ length of each glittered clip is 4cm [1.6 inches]
Code & width size: 
HA_teddybearluv; width is 3.5cm [1.5 inches]
HA_pinkflower; width is 2.5cm [1 inch]
HA_yellowribbon; width is 4.5cm [1.8 inches]
HA_blueflower; width is 3.7cm [1.5 inches]
HA_love; width is 3.3cm [1.3inches] )