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Bellezza accessories are mostly handmade. There is only one for each design unless otherwise stated in the description. So....very exclusive. I will be CONSTANTLY UPDATING THIS BLOG WITH NEW ACCESSORIES. DO CHECK IN TO MY BLOG OFTEN. You may find something that you like!!! By the way, PRICES shown are NOT INCLUSIVE OF DELIVERY CHARGES. Please refer to "Payment and Delivery" and "Free Delivery" sections for further details. Anyway, feel free to email me if you have any further inquiries. I ALSO OFFER MAKEUP AND HAIRDO SERVICES. Check out my website at http://www.soon-makeup.com Just click at the link below. Thanks!!

Monday, 30 December 2013

Bracelets (Part 73)

Price ~ RM16.00 / Size ~ length is 17.5cm [6.9 inches] with a 4.5cm [1.8 inches] extension chain (Code: B_148BW)....bracelet is made with faux suede and pearls (SOLD)

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Necklace (Part 47)

Here are more necklaces from UK :)

Price ~ RM28.00 / Size (unclasp measuring from end to end) ~ length is 105cm [41 inches] (Code: N(L)_63Br.....necklace has a 7.5cm [3 inches] extension chain (SOLD)
Price ~ RM28.00 / Size (unclasp measuring from end to end) ~ length of longest strand is 50.5cm [20 inches]; length of shortest strand is 48.5cm [19 inches] (Code: N(L)_65W)....necklace has a 6cm [2.4 inches] extension chain. (SOLD)

Friday, 27 December 2013

Key Rings_5

Price ~ RM6 each / Size ~ length (from top of ring to end of last charm) is about 6.5cm to 7cm [2.5 inches to 2.8 inches]; diameter of ring is 2cm [0.8 inch] (Code: please refer picture)

Thursday, 26 December 2013

Bracelets (Part 72)

Hi Hi.....here are some bracelets.....ALL SOLD during my participation in a few art & craft fair. I have actually posted some earlier on and these are the remaining of which I have not put them up here yet. So, do have a look....:)


Tuesday, 24 December 2013

My Words_24 December 2013

Hi everyone.....here's something from me...I know it's not very nice as I haven't drawn for a very long time, but still hope you all will like it. MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY HOLIDAY TO ALL !!

By the way, weeks before Christmas, I tried making some bookmarks which are also Christmas ornaments and surprisingly,  I managed to sell off all six. I will be making more soon...but of course, not Christmas theme but others

Friday, 20 December 2013

Bracelet (Part 71)

Price ~ RM24.00 /Size ~ length is 18cm (Code: B_144S) (SOLD)
Price ~ RM25.00 / Size ~ length is 18cm [7 inches] (Code: B_133S) (SOLD)
Price ~ RM35.00 / Size ~ length is 19.4cm [7.5 inches] with a 4.5cm [1.7 inches] extension chain....have to make the bracelet 0.5 inches longer as the beads are bulky (Code: B_152RPBk).......bracelet is made using faux leather cord, lampwork glass beads, acrylic beads and acrylic rhinestones spacers (SOLD)

My Words_20 Dec 2013

Hi there...doing anything this weekend? Well, if you have nothing in mind and you are nearby...do come to this weekend Christmas Carft Fair at Festival Walk. I'll be there......

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Bracelet (Part 70)

Price ~ RM29.00 / Size ~ length is 18cm [7 inches] with 5cm [2 inches] extension chain (Code: B_128RBk)......bracelet is made using waxed cotton cord and glass crystals (SOLD)

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Bracelet (Part 69)

Price ~ RM28.00 (SOLD)
Price ~ RM26.00....bracelet is made using faux pearls (SOLD)

Price ~ RM18.00 ....bracelet is made with waxed cotton cord and button with magnetic clasp (SOLD)
Price ~ RM15.00....bracelet is made using faux suede (SOLD)
Price ~ RM28.00...bracelet is made using faux pearls, with acrylic rhinestone spacers, curb chain and metal charms (SOLD)
Price ~ RM42.00....beads are consists of ceramic beads, and acrylic round and bicone beads with a bit of seed beads. (SOLD)

Bracelet (Part 68)

The following bracelets are made up of lampwork glass beads, acrylic round and bicone beads, faux pearls and seed beads.



Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Key Rings_4

Price ~ RM6 each / Size ~ length (from top of ring to end of last charm) is about 6.5cm to 7cm [2.5 inches to 2.8 inches]; diameter of ring is 2cm [0.8 inch] (Code: please refer picture) [SOLD OUT]

Monday, 9 December 2013

My Words_9 December 2013

Here is a quick glimpse of the new accessories sold at the Arts & Craft Mini Market held at Sekeping Kong Heng (inside Plan B) on 7th and 8th December.

I will post the sold accessories individually soon and you can see them in more detail

Key Rings_3

Price ~ RM6.00 each (SOLD)

Hair Clips for Kids (Part 15)


Friday, 6 December 2013

Handmade Earrings (Part 15)

Price ~ RM18.00 /Size ~ length is 5.1cm [2 inches] (Code: E_21BBk)....earrings are made using faux pearls, glass crystals and freshwater shells button beads

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Hair Clips (Part 23)

Design A: Price ~ RM23.00 / Size ~ diameter is about 7.5cm [3 inches] (Code: HA_88OPc(A))  //  Design B: Price ~ RM26.00 / Size ~ diameter is about 7.5cm [3 inches] (Code: HA_88OPc(B) ).......both hair accessories are made of organza ribbons and faux pearls
You can opt to use one or both together

Monday, 2 December 2013

Bracelet (Part 67)

*STRETCHABLE BRACELET* Price ~ RM38.00 / Size ~ circumference at rest is 18cm [7 inches]; can stretch to another extra 2cm [0.7 inch] (Code: B_102RS)....bracelet is from UK (SOLD)

Price ~ RM38.00 / Size ~ circumference is about 19.5cm [7.6 inches] (Code: B_124B) (SOLD)

*GLASS CRYSTAL BRACELET* Price ~ RM33.00 /Size ~ length is 18cm [7 inches] (Code: B_125P) (SOLD)

Price ~ RM26.00 / Size ~ length is 17cm [6.7 inches] (Code: B_122Pp) (SOLD)